KINGLEEN (C921) 38W 5A 2 Ports PD 4.0 + USB Fast Car Charger Adapter Qualcomm QC3.0 Quick Charging Lighter Socket

KINGLEEN 38W PD +USB Car Charger


The KINGLEEN car charger is the perfect car charger for everyone who expects the best results in the shortest possible time. When it comes to renewing energy, such effects can only be guaranteed by an accessory that supports fast charging technology, such as Power Delivery.

Thanks to the built-in intelligent management system, the accessory will not only adjust the appropriate voltage to the specific equipment, but also to its level of charge (thus limiting the power consumption). In addition, it protects the equipment against overheating, overcharging or short circuits.

Package Included : 
1X 38W White PD+ USB Fast Car Chager

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KINGLEEN Circular PPS Intelligent QC3.0 Fast Car Charger

  • Intelligent car charger with support for numerous fast charging technologies
  • Compact design – The charger has a simple, stylish design and a small size , thanks to which it does not take up much space in the car .
  • Fast charging compendium – The accessory supports all the most popular fast charging technologies. From Power Delivery 3.0 ( PD 4.0 ) and Quick Charge 4.0 ( QC 3.0 ), through SCP (Huawei) and AFC (Samsung), to VOOC (Oppo).
  • Even 38W! – Charging power can reach (depending on the hardware) up to 38W . Speed ​​as with a classic wall charger.
  • Up to 2 devices at the same time – 2 ports allow you to renew the energy of up to 2 devices at the same time .
  • Durable and durable – The charger housing is made of high quality materials: ABS + PC .
  • Several levels of protection – Among other things, against overcharging, overheating and short circuits. Complete protection for both the accessory and the phone .
  • Intelligent management system – Adjusts the appropriate voltage to the specific device.
  • LED backlight – Soft blue light makes it easier to locate and use the gadget at night

Specification of KINGLEEN 38W PD +USB Car Charger


  • Item: Circular PPS
  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Port: USB, USB-C PD
  • Voltage (input): DC 12 – 24V
  • Output: USB – 4.5V/5A, 5V/4.5A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A; USB-C – 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A, 20V/1.5A; USB + USB-C – 5V/5A


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