The android platform is an open-source operative system built by Google. Because it is an open-source operating system many companies like Samsung, Nokia, Oppo, etc. use it in their smartphones while also making a few tweaks and changes to better suit it to their phones.

Consumers who want a clean and stock android experience, just as google envisioned it without any adjustments, wait eagerly for the launch of the Pixel device to live the ideal android life. Pixel 4 is the 4th iteration of pixel phones and like its predecessors is an outstanding marvel of engineering.
To make sure that your favorite android smartphones don’t get scratched or damaged due to daily use or fall a case is often recommended.
Oz Cheap Deals is here to give you an inexpensive and premier quality Google Pixel 4 Cases & Covers. We also have screen protectors and wireless Qi charging pads for your pixel 4.
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