Pixel 4XL is the larger and more powerful counterpart to the standard pixel 4. And just like pixel 4, Oz Cheap Deals has affordable and high-quality accessories for Pixel 4XL. We have enduring screen protectors that will protect your screen from accumulating scratches and in case of a bad fall allow your screen to survive without any damage. This screen protector will absorb all impacts and shield your phone.

Oz Cheap Deals also provides all kinds of cases and covers for Pixel4Xl. Clear crystal back cover is the go-to case of many of our customers who want protection for their phones without compromising with its already great aesthetics.
For individuals looking for more protection and for tough Google Pixel 4 XL Cases & Covers, our rugged shockproof case, while bulky, is an excellent choice. For those without any wireless charging pads, Pixel 4 and 4Xl’s wireless charging function will be a waste, one that can be mitigated with the purchase of our 15W QI wireless charging pad which provides high-speed wireless charging. Pixel 4 and 4Xl use USB Type C port and having an additional type c charger and cable are essential while traveling especially our 2M high-speed charging capable type C Cables that can charge your phone to the max in under an hour.
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